Saturday, August 12, 2017

New Cars

We decided it was time to get Tanner a newer car. We told him he would need to save up at least a thousand dollars and then pay both the car payment and insurance on it monthly he agreed. As we started looking for cars for Tanner I decided I really also would love to get an SUV my little Hyundai just wasn't cutting it when we would haul all three kids somewhere or try to cram Chloe and all her sporting equipment in. Landon initially told me no. But we went to a dealership and found a nice ford explorer that he thought we could afford and he changed his mind. Now it was back to finding Tanner a car. We wanted to get them both at the same time so our credit would only take a hit once. We looked and looked. He wanted something a little more sporty. We wanted something he could afford the payment and insurance on. We did let him drive a convertible just to see and then called on insurance-it was over 300 a month-so we said no thanks. We finally found him a Mazda 3 that was in great condition, and a good price. We all were happy so we bought that. 
Two errors on our part-we didn't call on insurance first-HA! apparently Mazda's are rated like a sports car and his insurance on it is almost as much as on a convertible. Also we failed to notice the decals in the tint of on the inside of the back window-lets just say not something you want up in your teenage son's car. (we will need to get that taken off and redone)
But all in all everyone is really happy with their new rides. Tanner loves his new car and I love mine and the kids like riding in it and not being crammed in the other car fighting for space. 

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