Wednesday, January 17, 2018

Courtesy Award

A few week ago I received an email letting me know that my daughter would be receiving an award at school for Courtesy. I actually laughed out load. Chloe seriously?! Are we talking about the same child here. Chloe is not know for being courtesy. She is bold and blunt. She is sassy to other students as well as adult and teachers. She is just Chloe. When I told her she didn't believe me. She told her friends and they didn't believe her-HA. She threatened me not to come or take pictures she wasn't happy about receiving it. I didn't take any but the school and her good friends mom did.

In my classroom we were having a birthday the same day she got the award. We decided to have a little fun and alter the banner. Chloe came in to pick up a snack and instead of the sign reading Happy Birthday. It said Congrats Chloe. I had gone home already by the time I came in, but the ladies I work with made her stand under it and took her picture. When I picked her up after school she said "don't even talk to me right now." LOL-Oh Chloe
 I thought about this award a little bit and a couple of things came to mind. Maybe the teacher who nominated her for this was trying to work some reverse psychology on her. Or maybe someone had seen what I have on several occasions, that although Chloe is not necessarily overly courteous to most people it is the underdog she is nice to. The Special Education Students, someone whose friends are being mean to them, someone who she feels is being threatened by a teacher or another player on her team. Those are the people she is usually nice to and I guess that counts. 

Tuesday, January 16, 2018

Summit Softball

Chloe tried out for and made a new softball team. Summit Softball. Three other girls who were on her Dixie Angels team are on the new team as well. We think this will be a positive change. Now the work begins they have a tournament in a few weeks. Looks like our lives are back to crazy. Chloe has either basketball or softball practice every day Monday-Thursday and then basketball games on Saturdays and softball tournaments sprinkled in for the next few months. Forecast-BALL GAMES. 

Sunday, January 14, 2018

Tia's New Year Goals *2018*

Supposedly if you write your goals down they are easier to obtain, so that is why I am once again writing my New Years Goals. This year I am also going to do a monthly check to see where I am at, so that I can see progress and also areas I need to improve on. Hopefully this will help me meet more of my goals. We actually had a really good talk in church on Sunday about making and achieving goals that gave me some inspiration. I'm pretty good at making goals, but not always achieving them, so that is what I'm going to work on this year. Also I'm going to break things down into smaller attainable goals instead of looking so much at the big picture or end result. 

-Read Scriptures 5 Days A Week
-Read Lesson Material for Relief Society each week
-Attend 2nd Hour (family history or Sunday School more regularly)
-No Social Media on Sunday morning Before Church
-More Personal Prayers
-Don't work on Sunday (I do some work from home for my Mom and I want to limit this to Monday-Saturday and not work on Sundays)

Health and Fitness
-Run, Walk, Bike, or Swim 1 mile once a week
-Only drink Coke once a week except for my period/headache week
-Make a conscious effort to drink more water

-Save at least $300 spending cash by the time we go to New York in June
-Do better at staying on budget and not spending my weekly petty cash before I have it
-Save any dimes we get for the year (we read something about it and want to test it out)

-Read at least 3 books per month (I want to focus on reading more and being on social media less)
-Look into what it would take to finish my Bachelors Degree (1st Step)

-Sew 6 Levi Quilts and 6 Other Quilts During the Year
-Continue Blogging
-Do Better at Keeping the House Clean---Focus On the Dishes!

Happy New Year!

A lot of New Years we are in out of town and celebrate with Landon's family, sometimes if we are in town we go out to my Grandma's and celebrate. This year however, we were in town and my Grandma was in Cedar, so we decided to host a New Years party of our own.
We had a really fun night. Good Food, Great Friends, and Lots of Fun.

Chloe made a fun photo booth...

We had several Games for the Kids-the saran wrap ball dice game, and a variety of minute to win it challenges. They also had fun playing the Nintendo switch Mario kart. 

 In the garage we held ping pong competitions.

We had so much good food. Everyone brought something to share. I think we were all sick from eating to much.

The adults played a rousing rendition of 'spoons'. Luckily no one was injured. Ha!

After that we gathered everyone and played The Money Dice Game. It was super fun. And the best part was that someone ended up walking away with the cash pot (our neighbor Kellie). We had never played this game before, but Landon saw it on Facebook and thought it would be fun. After a little bit of looking I was able to track down the specific dice you use for the game (I ended up finding them at the Dollar Store-everywhere else in town was sold out). We will for sure be introducing this game at our next family get together.

After that it was almost midnight so we gathered our firecrackers and pots and pans and headed outside to ring in the New Year.

We had truly had a great night. I'm glad we decided to have the party. Even better was that we were all able to sleep in the next morning. YAY!
Happy New Year!!!

Friday, January 5, 2018

Raising a Teenager is Hard

I would have to say raising a teenager is one of the hardest things I've ever had to do. It's harder than recovering from surgery, or giving birth. Harder than staying up all night with a fussy baby, or having your parents go through a divorce. It's just plain hard.
The past few months have been especially hard on me. Tanner has gone through some pretty rough things. Things that have brought me to tears and to my knees more than once. It has been hard to be stay positive. It has been really hard to deal with everything we have been dealt. I feel like I am on a roller coaster with him-ups and downs all over the place.
But we are getting through this. Things are going better-most days. He is a good kid he just needs to figure that out and I truly think that he will. At least I will continue to hope and pray that he does-forever-because I love him no matter what-no matter how much his actions hurt me-because I am his mother and I love him-and I know he loves me even if his actions don't always prove it.

Sunday, December 31, 2017


 The Sunday after Christmas our primary did the nativity during music time. The leaders came up with costumes and they all took part. I didn't see it, but one of our friends who is in the primary told us it was really cute and that Bryce had done a great job being a sheep and even seeing some of the songs by baaing. She even sent us a picture. What a cute little sheep! I wish I would have though ahead and I would have went in to watch it. 


I've said it before, but I truly love Christmas. I just love the spirit it brings and the joy and excitement. I definitely get it from my Mom and I seem to have passed it on to all of my kids. They truly get excited for the whole season. Christmas morning not to be exempt. It's hard to sleep in. When we were little my parents would always let us get up pretty early. Landon and I have carried on that tradition with our kids. I mean it's once a year-why not! 
With that being said. This year Christmas was actually one of the hardest Christmas's I have ever had. The week previous we had gone through some pretty hard things with Tanner, and if kind of affected the whole mood of Christmas. I struggled to be happy or feel the same things I usually do on Christmas. I actually cried on Christmas Eve something I don't think I've ever done. I really had to try to be happy. I didn't want  my mood to affect how anyone else was feeling, and in the end I was able to feel better about things. I think we all ended up having a pretty good couple of days and were able to still feel the magic and spirit we usually do, despite the trials we were going through.
Christmas morning started early as usual, honestly Bryce got up every single morning in December at 5 o'clock so we couldn't expect it to be any later than that now could we ;). We had told the kids not before 4. Well Bryce was in our room awake at 3, and he asked me every 5 minutes if it was time yet. I gave him my phone to watch Rudolph to buy a little time.

A little before 4 the two older kids joined us, and at that point we knew there was no sense fighting it any longer and we went out to see what Santa had left under the Christmas Tree.

Looks like Santa found us. Notice the progression of gifts. The older the kid the less they have. It's because the gifts get smaller and more expensive.

Stocking Treasures

Tanner got plane tickets to New York

Bryce was so excited
 Bryce told Santa he wanted a Yeti for Christmas aka Abominable Snow man. Mom and Santa went all out with the theme. He  got Yeti PJ's for Christmas Eve and his wrapping paper from Santa was even Yeti's. So Fun!
The Yeti he wanted.
 Chloe was pretty happy to get some Jake Paul merch and the camera she really wanted but wasn't sure she would get.

 Peeps. Landon and the kids all love these. Mom not so much. I'll just stick to my nuts and junior mints.
I received an ancestry DNA kit for Christmas and I'm excited to send it in and find out my results.
 We had a nice relaxing day must hanging out and playing with our new Christmas stuff. Landon and I even went back to sleep for several hours that morning.

Usually when we are in Fillmore on Christmas we are able to sled but this year there was hardly any snow,, which meant no sledding, but it did mean the kids were able to go on the zip line and jump on the trampoline. Bryce even went down the zip line this time and loved it. The kids as usual had a blast with their cousins.

Chloe put her camera to good use and was able to catch some great shots of Christmas Weekend.

I truly love my family and am so grateful that I am able to spend times like this with them. 
Merry Christmas.