Sunday, July 15, 2018

Moving Time

After a long month of getting ready and waiting for all the paper work and closing orders. We were finally able to move into our new house. Because of when closing times came in for both properties we initially thought we would only be able to move all of our stuff into the garage of the new house, before leaving for New York. We signed papers on our Condo on Friday and then waited and waited for the closing orders on the house were buying to come in, but they never did. We finally got a call that we would sign on it on Monday morning. The people we were buying from told us we could move our stuff into the garage on the weekend and we had lined up somewhere to stay for a couple of nights. Then they texted Landon and said even though we weren't signing until Monday they would let us go ahead and move all the way in if we were willing to clean, since they hadn't gotten that done. We eagerly agreed.
Bryce thought the movie truck was pretty cool.

Moving is hard work, so we walked to the grocery store and got some snacks to help us through it.
 Saying goodbye to our home of the past 12 years was a little bit sad, but I think we were all ready and more excited for the move than anything.

We all worked hard and were pretty much able to move without any help and we were able to get it all done it just one day. All moved at least, the unpacking and stuff would take a little bit longer than that. We were glad we rented a moving truck, because we ended taking about 3 loads I think-we were surprised. It would have taken a lot more time with just Landon's truck. A few people came and helped us with unpacking, cleaning, and moving some heavy things upstairs the second day, but for the most part we just did it. 
Pulling up to our New House

Monday, July 9, 2018

I'm Not a Spring Chicken Anymore

This is what my knee looked like after an intense game of basketball with some work colleagues. I guess I'm not as young as I once once, my body can't take it like it used to.
Back in the day those would have been considered some pretty awesome battle wounds.

Memorial Day BBQ

We took a break from the craziness of life and went for a swim and bbq at our friends, The Costanza's House. The kids always love going to their pool to swim. It was fun. A nice break from cleaning and packing and all of the other fun stuff that goes along with getting ready to move. 

Thursday, July 5, 2018

May Book Recap

What I loved this month-The Night Circus ( I literally could not put it down it was captivating and I wished so much that there was a sequel) also The Orphan Train (could not stop reading it, but for different reasons than then Night Circus).
Turtle all the Way Down and The Invention of Wings were both pretty good.
I did not like SONS. I read the first book in this series and like it. I did not really like this one at all. It took me over a month to get through it. I don't think I will be reading the third one anytime soon. 

May Goal Review

May Update

Goal Review
Red Means Not Doing Well
Blue Needs Improvement
Green Accomplished or on Target to Reach Goal

-Read Scriptures 5 Days A Week
-Read Lesson Material for Relief Society each week
-Attend 2nd Hour (family history or Sunday School more regularly)
-No Social Media on Sunday morning Before Church
-More Personal Prayers
-Don't work on Sunday (I do some work from home for my Mom and I want to limit this to Monday-Saturday and not work on Sundays)
Making Progress, but for some reason this is the hardest part for me, even though it should be the most important one!

Health and Fitness
-Run, Walk, Bike, or Swim 1 mile once a week
-Only drink Coke once a week except for my period/headache week
-Make a conscious effort to drink more water
Doing well on the exercise part. I joined a Pickle-Ball League. Need to definitely work on what I'm drinking or not drinking though. 

-Save at least $300 spending cash by the time we go to New York in June
Even though I had nothing saved for New York it all ended up working out, because we closed on our house the day before we left and so we had cash from the sale of our condo to take with us, and we did a good job while there staying in our budget and not over spending. 
-Do better at staying on budget and not spending my weekly petty cash before I have it
-Save any dimes we get for the year (we read something about it and want to test it out)

-Read at least 3 books per month (I want to focus on reading more and being on social media less)

-Sew 6 Levi Quilts and 6 Other Quilts During the Year

Life has just been to crazy
-Continue Blogging
I got behind with every thing going on, but am diligently working to catch up. 

-Do Better at Keeping the House Clean---Focus On the Dishes!
I was forced to do this while waiting to move, so it was clean whenever someone needed to stop by. :)

Sunday, July 1, 2018

Bryce Sleeping Again

I love these posts. I love taking pictures of him sleeping in funny and unusual
places. I love that he naps still, however that being said I think these will be few and far between because he seems to be starting to outgrow his need for a nap, not always, but more often than not. Sad Day :(

Furniture Shopping

With the upcoming move we have decided we need some new furniture. Some of our stuff is worn our-like our bedroom set (we have had since we were married), our couch (it was one we purchased used), some things we don't have like bedroom furniture for Chloe and Bryce, office and sewing room items, and some things the new house didn't come with like a fridge (our old one was included in the sale of our condo) so that is a necessity. What does that mean? It means that over the past few weeks we have spent a lot of time in furniture stores. We have gone to most more than once, budgeting, making decisions, outweighing the pros and cons. For the most part the kids like it, but I think at times it wears them out and they would rather just be home. One day we couldn't find them in a furniture store and we walked around the corner and found them like this-HA! I guess they were over it.