Sunday, July 23, 2017

Girls Camp

Chloe attended her second year of girls camp. As it was time to get ready to go she kind of kept thinking it wasn't going to be fun, and she wasn't sure she wanted to go. If you know Chloe this is saying a lot because she is all about the out doors and camping. I told her just to go and she would end up having more fun than she thought she was going to. Without to much persuasion she decided to go.
Camp lasted for three days and when she finally got home she didn't stop talking about all the fun she had for hours. The leaders did a really good job with the theme "oh the places you'll go-Dr. Suess". She had fun adventures-hiking, zip lining, and trying to ride deer. And she made lots of good memories and friendships with the girls in our ward (staying up late and talking). I'm glad she gets to have this experience and hope in the future she will continue to choose to go.

Taking Matters (Keys) into his own hands

Our normally easy going child, Bryce, has really been struggling lately. He has been throwing tantrums like you wouldn't believe and not just little ones either huge meltdowns. I think it is partly him testing boundaries and partly the fact that he is realizing just how smart he is and that he wants to voice his opinion or make the decisions. It seems about  90% of the tantrums are results of power struggles-us telling him to do something and him having other ideas on whether that's what he wants to do or how and when he wants to do it. It has been hard, because this is not normal for him. I get frustrated easily when he is having a tantrum. I am trying to do better as Landon and I both realize that if we talk to him about things beforehand normally the transition goes much smoother, but there are still moments when nothing we can do or say will stop the crying. The worst part probably is not just that he cries and screams but that he also throws things and will sometimes even hit or kick. He will also say things like "well if you don't let me do it I'm not going to be your friend" or "I'll break something then". Where does he come up with this stuff? Every now and then something he does when he's angry is so funny its hard not to laugh a little even though I'm furious.

The other day he threw a big fit in Tanners room so I took him out of there and locked the door. I went to my room to work on some stuff while he had a meltdown. After a few minutes I couldn't hear crying and I could hear the distinct sound of a chair being scooted across the tile. I went to investigate and there was Bryce with some keys unlocking Tanner's door. He had scooted a chair over to the key hanger to get them down. (HA-like I said to smart for his own good).

Hopefully this phase passes quickly. In the meantime Lord give me the strength to be patient.

Thursday, July 20, 2017

Crazy Week but Still Checking Things Off

After Chloe's birthday party Saydee came and stayed with us for about a week and a half. It was a super crazy time because Chloe had lots of practices and also a basketball camp that week, but between all of that we still managed to squeeze in some fun and mark several items off our bucket list.
Huge Water Balloon Fight

Pick Berries or Fruit

Washington Rec Center


Splash Pad

Little Jamaica

Go to the Movies (two times-once just Chloe and Saydee and once with the cousins)

Snow Cones

Watch Mr. Bean

Play with Puppies (we found some frogs too)

Holy Cow as I was doing this blog post I couldn't believe the amount of stuff we fit into 10 days. WOW!!! No wonder I feel tired all of the time-haha!


Monday, July 10, 2017

Jesus Will

The other day I asked Bryce who he thought would baptize him when he turned 8. He said to me "I think Jesus will".  Love that kid! #BryceEE

Sunday, July 9, 2017

Birthday Party at the Lake

We celebrated Chloe's 13th Birthday Party at the Lake. We planned it out carefully scheduling the day and time around soccer games, and family being in town. We had rented and paid for paddle boards, bought and prepared food, and lots more. Then the day of the party came and it was windy not just a little breeze but considerably so. Chloe did not want to postpone it or reschedule. She just wanted to go with it wind and all. We decided okay the girls will have fun no matter what. 
We got there and we actually ended up getting a great spot in a secluded cove. The wind wasn't horrible, but bad enough that we couldn't set up any of the decorations or set out the food, but other than that it was doable. 
The kids all started having fun kayaking (we bought Chloe a kayak for her birthday), paddle boarding, floating on Grandma Tawny's inflatable duck (that was her birthday present), and just playing in the water. 

After awhile we called them in to eat and then they went back out for round two. That's when things go a little scary. The wind had picked up by then, and two of the girls headed out in the kayak. A couple things the kayak is not meant for two so it was taking on water, and also the wind was stronger than them, so before we knew it they were out too far and couldn't get back. Landon paddled out on the paddle board to help them and sent them in but found the canoe so full of water he couldn't lift it out and get it turned around. Then I went out to try and help him. Even with two of us we couldn't get the kayak up and we just kept getting pushed further and further out. That is when a boat happened by and we were able to flag them down for help. The got us both in the boat as well as the kayak and both paddle boards, and they took us back to the beach.
 We were so lucky no one was hurt and also that we saved the kayak. Landon and I were pretty close to letting it just sink to the bottom. After that the girls swam a little more before we headed home. Even despite the little incident everyone had fun and I think Chloe had a great birthday celebration.