Monday, November 20, 2017

Labor Day Tournament

Chloe's team played in a Labor Day Tournament. They ended up losing all four of their games, but they have definitely improved since the last tournament they played in. We saw some good things, and saw other things we need to work on. Landon ended up coaching every game but the last one by himself, and I know that was hard for him. Chloe pitched one game, and caught for the rest. She even got a couple of throw outs, one to first base, while playing catcher. It's always hard to lose every game, but hopefully some wins will start coming out way. 

Keeping the Books-my job most games 

Bryce was a trooper and was so good through all of the games, he even took a nap and slept through one entire one. People are always amazed at how good Bryce is during games and tournaments. I tell them he has been coming to baseball or softball games since he was 6 weeks old, he's pretty much grown up at the ball fields. 
#softballlife #softballfamily

Friday, November 17, 2017


We are experiencing something new around our house-strong emotions, most likely caused by hormones, from our teenage daughter. This is definitely new territory for us as Chloe is a child who doesn't cry easily and lately the tears have seemed to flow freely. She has had some rough things happen at school and softball lately, but we have still been surprised with the tears she has shed. It's not a bad thing-it's just unexpected and new to us. We are trying to figure out how to handle this new development and be a little bit more sensitive with her. Wish up luck ;)

Thursday, November 16, 2017

Sock Party Gone Wrong

The other day my Mom reminded the kids about sock parties. What is a sock party? It's when the family gets together and folds the big tote of socks that have been washed but not matched up. Then after all the socks are folded you have a sock fight with them. Kind of like a snow ball fight. It's a fun way to get work done, that my mom made up when we were kids. Anyways we have had one before with the kids but not for awhile, so we got together and folded socks. Then it was time to let them fly. Only Chloe doesn't know how to do anything easy or just go lightly for fun, so the next thing you know I take a missile sock right to the eye and end up in tears laying on the couch. Chloe and Bryce finished the party out, but I think Chloe was throwing so hard that we had to refold most of the socks. Maybe we will only do sock parties with Bryce from here on out. 

Wednesday, November 15, 2017

Superheroes and Villains Halloween

The Neighborhood Gang went with a theme this year. Super Heroes and Super Villains. 
They all looked pretty awesome in their costumes.

 Joker AKA Bryce-makeup credit Chloe
 The two Villains from the Group
 Harley Quinn aka Chloe
 Bryce wanted a picture with Dad. Two Bad Guys
 Bryce didn't have a nap this day and so he actually fell asleep for the first 30 minutes of our adventures, but then he woke up and was ready to go. 
 It was a little crazy running around with a big group like we did, but we had fun, we went to several neighborhoods and even hit a haunted house. Bryce and I didn't go in ;). The kids were happy with their candy stash. I think we all had a good night. 

Tuesday, November 14, 2017

GWA Halloween

Our Special Ed Team Dressed up in Snow White theme. Our boss was the evil queen and we were 5 of the seven dwarfs. I was Doc. We had fun making out costumes. I have a great group of ladies I work with. 

Chloe chose not to dress up for school. She did however, do some fun makeup and hair. Her and one of her friend, left school early as well, because they didn't want to be in the parade or go to the Halloween dance. 

Monday, November 13, 2017

Ward Halloween Party

The day before Halloween our Ward had a Chili Cook Off and Trunk or Treat. 
Chloe didn't want to go in full costume because she had a softball game that night as well, so her and her friend dressed up in super hero pajamas.
 The Joker perfecting his evil smile.
 Little Red and Big Bad
 The chili definitely wasn't as good as Brandon's but at least we had dinner and Bryce had fun. We left a little early to make it to Chloe's softball game. It was her first game in the fall acceleration league and her team the "Dixie Angels" pulled of a win. Chloe pitched and caught in this game.
Fun Busy Day

Annual Pumpkin Carving Bash

Every year we get together with some of our neighbors and friends and have a pumpkin carving party. Brandon usually makes chili and everyone else brings something to go with it. We are usually in charge of the home made root beer. 

The kids have a lot of fun hanging out and painting or carving their pumpkins. The rest of us enjoy hanging out, visiting, and eating the yummy food. I'm glad for traditions like these. We aren't moving yet, but it will probably happen sometime in the next year and that's one thing that will be hard about it, is that we have such great friends and neighbors where we are at now, hopefully we can find that again as well as keep the friendships we have made here.